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Sacrificing one of our free days to clean our home is a big thing for many of us. Do you want to spend your peaceful time away from the office cleaning your home? If not, you can relax with a great experience with the best cleaning service providers in Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad and other cities.

Vfikr is an online platform that connects you to the best professional service providers. Here you get experienced professionals in doing all types of home cleaning services in Delhi. Be it daily cleaning or deep cleaning, our professionals are trained to provide you with the best services.

Home cleaning services include special cleaning for water tanks, septic tanks, bathrooms, kitchens, sofas, carpets, mattresses, and any time you may need a cleaning service. All professional service providers listed on our website are verified only after strict background checks.

Despite its importance and relevance in our daily lives, home cleaning is often overlooked. While most of us want our homes to be ancient, deep cleaning every time is not very practical.

Experienced professional cleaners who have made a career out of offering deep cleaning services in Delhi are especially needed to counter it. When you relax and enjoy your vacation or weekend, cleaners will not only help you keep your home clean and tidy, but also ensure that it is safe and clean.

Kitchens and bathrooms are the most difficult areas for deep cleaning. Fungi and stains on the kitchen and bathroom tiles and on the floor are a nightmare. Thanks to the experience and training of our professional deep cleaning services in Delhi, you can keep it glowing throughout the year. As deep cleansing involves special cleaning rituals, we suggest you to opt for our deep cleaning services in Delhi once in 2 to 3 months for best results.

Here are some important tips that you should keep in mind before one
Outline Your Budget: Budgeting proves to be an important point of all for hiring caterers. Before you contact them you should have a budget that best suits your needs. In addition, having one will give you a clear approach to high quality cleaners that can give you suggestions on what to try on your hands.

Check for references: Get recommendations from the Caterers' Testimonials column. This will help you squeeze detailed information. Reading the experiences of customers who have dealt with them before will help you know if they are one or not?

Compare To experience a great level of cleaning service: the more you compare the better achiever. It is advised that you get the best deals at the best price. Toggle through different types if cleaners are available to find out their respective values. The pricing plan of cleanliness depends on the quality of service they provide.

Be careful! Beware !: In many situations, they get into trouble due to untoward crowd. And that trouble comes as a disguise of extra charge! Many cleaners of inexpensive quality after work add unwanted toppings of additional charges to the bill. As people do not inquire already, it leads them to such scenes.

So to get rid of all these, learn more on the terms of pricing plans and cleaners. And tell them about how much you can afford to pay them their extra fees. And, if you have done proper research work then they will guide you best.


How many different ways can you clean your home:
Cleaning does not only include cleaning floors and walls. There are many things related to this. And you can hire all those different types of home cleaning services

Sofa Cleaning Service: The best way to keep your sofa clean throughout the year without any hassle.

Carpet cleaning service: Make your carpet shine as the royal carpet, which is only for you and your family members

Bathroom cleaning service: Give your sanitary area a glow every time you go to bathe in it.

Kitchen Cleaning Service: Keep your pantry clean and clean which will inspire you to cook delicious dishes and serve a new dish to your family members everyday.

Bedroom cleaning service: Keep your bedroom clean and fresh morning every day by placing your bedroom in the best place of cleaning professionals.