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Why do you choose laundry services instead of washermen?
In India, local washermen exist as far as anyone can remember the length and breadth of the country. Since water is an important component for washing the laundry, the abundance of rivers, ravines, springs and lakes in the country has provided abundant water to the local washermen.

However, with the huge influx of online services in recent years, the local Dhobi is facing stiff competition from online laundry services. How does the local washerman fare against this new kid on the block?

Your local washerman usually arrives at your door on a weekly basis to do your laundry. He takes them in a heap, washes and neutralizes them, and brings them back to you. So far, so good. But let's look at the other side of the picture. Typically, a washing machine, or a bedcover, or a table-cover, or a sari, gives one of the laundry items, in which the washerman inserts other clothes, tying the sheet in a tight knot. Hai, puts it on his shoulder. And goes away. If one does not have one of the larger clothes described above, the washerman will place the clothing around the sleeve of the shirt or around one of the pair of pair of trousers, tie the sleeve or trouser tightly and take them away. Now, both of the above methods are terrible ways to move and carry laundry to the workplace because they ruin your clothes. Next, take a look at Dhobi's workplace.

It is usually an abundant water supply in an open area. This open area usually includes a rocky landscape. The washerman soaks the cloth in water with detergent, and then proceeds to bang his clothes against the stones. This is a terrible way to treat your clothes. Next, consider water pollution through washing detergents used by washermen. Detergents are chemical substances that eventually sieve through rivers and streams in the surrounding area, causing damage to marine and plant life. Finally, everyone is familiar with the damage caused to the clothes during the ironing process by the washerman. In short, the local washerman is not just an expert on laundry service, which is both science and art.

There are many disadvantages to local washermen from washing clothes. Laundry is a highly professional service performed by employees who specialize in chemical cleaning of clothes as well as chemical waste disposal. As a result, your clothes receive the best treatment to remove dirt from them, and hazardous chemical pollution is greatly reduced. The cleaning process uses highly sophisticated machines that ensure that the garments are treated with the care they are entitled to. Orders can be placed comfortably from your mobile or laptop to your home or office or wherever you are, and on your own time. Clothes to be cleaned are carried in garment bags, and returned in transparent covers, not in unruly piles of local washermen. You can choose the type of cleaning to your liking, and the online application will also recommend the cleaning method, following the key to the nature of your laundry. You can choose from a variety of payment options depending on your convenience. Thus, all things considered, the professional laundry service is definitely preferred to the amateur service provided by the local washerman.

Laundry Services includes:
Wash & Fold.
Wash & Iron.
Dry Cleaning.
Express Laundry.